Morning Sunshine - OpenGEU default Theme
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Morning Sunshine
The default theme of the good, old OpenGEU Quarto di Luna

This is the theme of the old E17 distro OpenGEU (aka Geubuntu), recompiled for the stable release of E19 with ELEMENTARY SUPPORT/b]!!.
All the credits goes to Luca The Dark Master, lead developer of OpenGEU and artpulse, his team that realizes this theme.


The theme had an animated background that I've make static to save memory on old computer.
If you have RAM and you've paid to meld it, so to enable the animated background you can:
  • decompile the theme: edje_decc "Morning Sunshine E19.edj"

  • Go into the new folder Morning Sunshine E19 and open default.edc

  • On line 153 comment (add the "//" before the line) BACKGROUND_LIGHT and decomment (remove "//") BACKGROUND_ANIMATED

  • recompile the theme, with a terminal that points on the theme folder, run: edje_cc default.edc -o "Morning Sunshine E19 - Anim.edj"

  • Import the theme with Theme Selector or copy the .edj file on ~/.elementary/themes and enjoy the animation!

  • There is also a light colored version of this theme: Midnight Moonlight, check it here!

    Check the latest version of this theme on my GitHub Page !

    Enjoy this beautiful theme and enjoy Enlightenment!


    1 year ago

    8/5/2015: Updated for E19 and add Elementary Support;

    Fixed the Drag and Drop Pager Issue


    4 years ago

    Voted up!!!!!!




    4 years ago

    Thank you Agust! ;)



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    Morning Sunshine - OpenGEU default Theme
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