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This is a port of the e17 theme Vulcan Retro to e20.

It is based on the the Vulcan Retro theme recompiled for more recent e17 version by Duma. The scalable background and all the Elementary code are from a derivation of this theme, R-Volcano R-E19 by rpil from here.

Full credit goes to the artists, in particular rpil and Duma. My role is limited to technical adaptation and minor fixes, since I really want to use this theme.

Since the source code is available on github I have a slight hope that people better at theming than myself might fix issues and send me pull requests :)


1 year ago

0.8.1: styled the task bar using adapted code from the default theme

0.8: Fixed the file manager (it no longer appears as an empty white window), minor color changes

0.7: initial prerelease

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