Matian Sunset 1

E Animated Backgrounds by johlkien
Well I got to editing wallpapers again, and this time I remembered there was always thus panoramic shot of the Martian sunset I had that was take by one of the landers on Mars years ago. I edited the Blue Eyed Trees wallpaper and used the Martian sunset as a substitute hope you enjoy.
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May 05 2010

Buffalo_at_Night 1

E Animated Backgrounds by johlkien
This is a mod of Sabana Night, it show a part of downtown Buffalo with stars that twinkle, and even some shooting stars. Buffalo Rocks.
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May 03 2010

EMoon 1.0

E Animated Backgrounds by sargon102
Animated Background for E-17. Moonlit mountains with E-17 logo on the moon. Screenshot is a little grainy. Background is not. Grayscale.
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Apr 11 2010

Parana de noche 1

E Animated Backgrounds by dlevrand
Imagen del centro de la ciudad de Parana - Entre Rios - Argentina
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Mar 25 2010

Just Debian 1.0

E Animated Backgrounds by seraphyn
Happy Birthday Debian. This is my small present for you. A small 3D animated Debianlogo, nothing more, i think enough eyecandy for debianfans ;) Tkanks to the Debian Developers for Debian and to the E17 Developers for E17, it's an awesome follower after E16 i used for Years. Seraphyn
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Jan 24 2010

E17 Black dragon Wallpaper (Modified)fro from Black Init)

E Animated Backgrounds by displacedtexan55
Modified from E17 Black Wallpaper (from Black Init) 0.0.1 by NightNord This is my first attempt at an animated background.
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Nov 06 2009

Prairie17 1.1

E Animated Backgrounds by DauntlessFool
An e17 animated background based on a photo I took at the Konza Prairie Biological station. The e17 sun warps occasionally. Much of the animation and the idea is based on laurentlaffont's "e17 Rising". http://e17-stuff.org/content/show.php/e17+rising?content=63640
Score 50.0%
Feb 10 2009

A-E17Rot1 1.0

E Animated Backgrounds by verdegal37
Wallpaper animated for Elive. Simply rotating logo Enlightenment. Based EnRotacion by Rafucho. Credits by Rafucho. Enjoy!!!! Agust
Score 50.0%
Jan 24 2009

Darkness Clock 0.1

E Animated Backgrounds by mcliffe
Wallpaper clock based on Nixie by Andrew 'Rooster' Stack and Circuit by Glen 'g60' Larsen. Intended to match the Darkness theme by Viktor 'saturn_vk' Kojouharov
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Jul 04 2008

CarbonEG 0.1.1

E Animated Backgrounds by cyrill62
When mouse is over, the Gentoo logo going down, and sometimes bounce.
Score 50.0%
Jun 25 2008