A-Red-Night-0.17.1 2.0

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37
Theme "Red-Night". I've updated and fixed borders and many things , added init/splash , contains parts of me and several themes, the base is the old theme "Milky and Bloody imago" Hope you like and enjoy E!!! Greeetings: Agust
Score 61.5%
Apr 04 2013

metak 0.1

Enlightenment Themes by metak
Slightly modified default Enlightenment theme.
Score 62.5%
Mar 06 2013

A-New-Egypt A.D 1.0

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37
Theme Ancient Egypt , based in old theme default E. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the original author of the wallpaper, but the credit goes to the author of the wallpaper used in this theme, thank you very much. Hope you like and enjoy E !!!!!!!. Greetings: Agust
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Score 68.0%
Feb 28 2013

A-New-Miguel 1.0

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37
Hi , theme green , based in old theme default e. Completely redesigned from the previous theme called the same name. Hope you like: Greetings: Agust
Score 68.8%
Feb 24 2013

A-New-Vision 1.0

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37
Theme A-Vision2 , based in theme default E. GTK3 , recommended: http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GnomishBeige?content=125443 Please Enjoy!!!! Agust
Score 68.0%
Feb 21 2013

Wararchist 1.0

Enlightenment Themes by Braaiinnzz
Spawned from the depths of antipathy, these two combine together to reign in supremacy http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php/shooter?content=133093
Score 46.0%
Feb 15 2013

A-New-Faces 1.0

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37
Theme Blue Dark Glass, theme based in fantastic wallpaper by Sakasa , thanks. Theme based in default theme E. Special thanks for their invaluable help and work on this theme with wallpaper Sakasa. They also note that this is the default theme of the latest version of Macpup. But this version is...
Score 62.0%
Feb 11 2013

A-New-1890 1.0

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37
Theme 1890 . Theme based in default E and mythical theme Steanpunk by Andrew Stack , thanks!! Wallpaper animated with digital clock in format 24H. Emodules have been redesigned clock,the second if you look will see an ant , do not panic!!! Init/Slash custommized for theme. 100%100 credits for...
Score 70.0%
Feb 08 2013

Black & White and a lot of colors!

Enlightenment Themes by Duma
This is the old default theme of E17, the smooth and elegant Black & White theme with a new shiny feature! Go to Settings -> All -> Look -> Color and change the "Focus Change" entry to replace all the black with your favorite color! Please, tell me if I have missed some black and...
Score 70.0%
Feb 01 2013

A-Vision_PCLOS [recompiled by rpil]

Enlightenment Themes by rpil
A-Vision theme for PCLOS, created by E17 master, Agust Verdegal and recompiled by me.
Score 53.3%
Jan 11 2013